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Application of Clinical Anatomy

                              Let Palpation Drive Your Clinical Examination


Course Description

While healthcare is an evolving field, clinical anatomy is one of the cornerstones of patient examination that remains the same.  Knowledge of muscle origins, insertions, innervations, and actions paired with a structured palpation examination often results in a clinical diagnosis, which may then be confirmed with special tests or diagnostic imaging.  This course will provide healthcare providers with the ability to conduct thorough palpation examinations of the upper extremity, spine, and lower extremity that will enable patient diagnosis, determination of the need for additional diagnostic testing, and generation of a treatment plan.  


Course Objectives

1.  Accurately palpate bony landmarks, muscles, ligaments, and pulses of the upper extremity, spine, and lower extremity.


2. Generate differential diagnoses lists based on palpation examinations that allow for further hypothesis-driven assessment.


3. Recognize when additional special tests or diagnostic testing or imaging is required for diagnosis and/or treatment planning.  


Course Instructors

Dr. Megan Sions, PhD, DPT, OCS


Dr. Sions currently teaches in the Doctoral of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Delaware in the Clinical Gross Anatomy, Functional Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal Evaluation, and Spine Management courses.  She has been teaching palpation in the Clinical Gross Anatomy course since 2009.  Dr. Sions received her MPT from West Virginia University in 2004, her DPT from Temple University in 2009, and her PhD in Biomechanics in 2012.  She became an Orthopaedic Certified Specialist through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties in 2008.  She currently practices as a physical therapist and serves as a residency mentor for physical therapists in the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic.  She maintains an active research agenda in evaluation and treatment of spine-related disorders. 


Dr. Joseph Zeni, PhD, PT


Dr. Zeni is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Delaware. He leads the Anatomy coursework within Doctoral of Physical Therapy Program and is the primary instructor for Clinical Gross Anatomy, Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics, and Advanced Regional Anatomy. Dr. Zeni has been involved in anatomy instruction at the University of Delaware since 2007. He has a strong research focus in the area of biomechanics of lower extremity pathology. He is the Principal Investigator on several outcomes studies that evaluate functional and biomechanical recovery after total hip and knee replacement. 





Saturday, February 6, 2016


7:30-8:00 - Registration/Breakfast

     8:00-8:05 - Introduction

          8:05-8:45 - Scapula & Shoulder: Lecture


8:45-9:05 - Nerve & Blood Supply Upper Extremity

     9:05-9:20 - BREAK

          9:20-9:25 - Palpation Tips


9:25-11:00 - Scapula & Shoulder: Hands-on Instruction

     11:10-11:30 - Patient Case: Upper Extremity

          11:30-12:00 - Elbow & Forearm: Lecture


12:00-1:00 - LUNCH BREAK (on own)

     1:00-2:00 - Elbow & Forearm: Hands-on Instruction

          2:00-2:15 - BREAK


2:15-2:45 - Wrist & Hand: Lecture

     2:45-3:30 - Wrist & Hand: Hands-on Instruction

          3:30-3:45 - Patient Case: Upper Extremity


3:45-4:00 - Break/Change for Cadaver

     4:00-5:00 - Cadaver Lab

          END DAY 1


Sunday, February 7, 2016


7:30-8:00 - Continental Breakfast

     8:00-9:15 - Performance Assessment

          9:15-9:30 - BREAK (Snack provided)


9:30-11:00 - Legal, Regulatory & ADA Issues in Clinical


     11:00-12:30 - Managing the Exceptional/Problem                                     Student in the Clinic

          12:30-1:30 - LUNCH BREAK (on own)


1:30-5:30 - Assessment Center

     5:30 - Adjourn

          END DAY 2


Event Registration Form

1.4 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for P.T. and P.T.A. professionals

States of accreditation include: Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland


Who Should Attend

This weekend course will be open to physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, athletic trainers, and nurse practitioners. 


Recommended Text

Biel A. Trail Guide to the Body, 5th Edition. Available on, ISBN: 0982978650.



Early Bird Registration (until December 15): $235/person

Standard Registration (including same day): $295/person

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Standard Registration through 2/6/16

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